Sunday, March 16, 2008


Sunday. Mah room i have cleaned. Disposed some trashes that occupied most of the spaces in my cabinet as Pacquiao gets so gorier punching Marquez.

Congrats to Manny. Pa ingles-ingles na naman sya :lmao:

Slept in the afternoon. Whooping 4hrs. ahhh. Sarap talaga.

Had it not for Ady's birthday party, i would have woke up at around 7pm :D or 730 :D (tawad pa half hour. nyahahah) Niweis, nice party we got. Lotsa food to munch on. Yummy was the Chocolate mouse este mousse :hyper: It's just that i couldn't splurge on it too much because my diet i have been watchin' :liar: (Thanks to doc joy and eric, iyen and jason , mayeth, and the bartdey boy ady. wi lab yu :kiss:)

Also .. ah mis yah sweety on a Sunday. [:kill: wifi signal]

Night: Ysm on YM. Said he was looking for me on my symbianize. An sms boyti sent me.. the latter i was informed. Got so furious. Niweis... maybe that's just the way it is :D Full of words a man he is. Actions he must have forgotten. Sigh. Maybe he just couldn't believe, feelings i no longer have for him :D

Ah miss mah kuya melvin. Missin him really. My sis do miss him too.

Work tomorrow, no symbianize, no oc, no ip. Disconnected to the outside world i am. Gotta work double time. Can't wait for thursday. Vacation til Sunday. Wheeww.

Meebo.. i need you tomorrow :D :mass: :pray:

:madslap: to lorenz. The headset i haven't used. Can't wait. :hyper:

:cry: ate kims :more: wednesday i wanna come :cry: til 4pm pls stay :D

Gotta sleep now. Sweety.. nice voice you really got. hahah. Gudnyt.

-sleep mode-