Monday, March 31, 2008


Started the week right. Slept early the night before. I had a nice sleep. Woke up earlier this morning. Everything is nice and wonderful this morning. I am emitting happy bubbles :D tra-la la la la la

I was able to catch an enjoyable morning conversation with my dearest friends minnette, lorenz, and shawie. I love them all, they make my world a happier place to live in. hihihi. and of course, how will i ever miss my dearest friend dropping a line and tellin me to take care though he had a bad day at work? Thanks a lot. :) Hope everything turns out ok :D Ok? Again, I am emitting happy bubbles :D tra-la la la la la


I was emitting happy bubbles when my heart was suddenly strucked by the site of a group of homeless beggars. This ain't peculiar these days, as you can catch a sight of them prowling the streets everywhere.

I then realize how nice my sleep had been. Lying in a soft bed, fanned with maximum intensity the electric fan blades could blow.... hellfire it was blowing though. nyahahah. But at least i really had a damn good sleep as compared to the nights i had before.
And while i was enjoyin' a comfortable rest of body, mind and spirit, on the other side of the bed were people spending their nights in decaying cartons and streets, and living their lives exposed to our daily commute between work and ... our comfortable beds :D

There are so many people here in our country who have nowhere to call home. Seeing the real face of poverty is a cinch for us, everywhere we can catch a glimpse of what it is like to be poor. Let's admit, the dream of success and a comfortable lifestyle does not extend to everyone.

But i believe that any one, with any motivation, would be able to work themselves out of a mess.

I am thankful that my parents have strived enough to provide a comfortable shelter for us. Though i must admit that there are holes in the roof that let the water drip inside come rainy days, (isalang na ang planggana kapag umuulan!! hehehe) i am still so very thankful that at night, we are able to sleep inside the walls and under a roof that secures us from the potential harms of the outside world. And i couldn't be thankful enough for a comfortable soft bed where i could plunge my body anytime i want to. A soft bed where my body rests with my eyes closed, my mind wanderin, my spirits soarin, and my soul travellin her way to dreamland....

tra-la la la la la la la la la la la