Monday, March 3, 2008


Sigh. I have fever. Yes. Fever.




I am definitely into it. Addicted.

I first heard of PATAPON when Sandwich20m asked me if i have already played it on my psp. With him having crowned as one of the AZ kings in ... i first thought it was some sort of a voyeuristic game intended for eerrr...uuhhmmnn...
adults only :D My thoughts then were even buoyed up when Sandwich20m told me that Jovrea27 was the one who encouraged him to play it. Hmmnn. King of Adult Zones on PATAPONS :think: Nyahahaha. Must be really some kind of... uhhh..oohhhh... :lmao:

I could also recall how Hoe311 noted in one of his shouts that the game PATAPON rocks. :think: With hoe311 (famous for his cp themes) getting hooked on PATAPON... i realized this isnt some kind of voyeur thing :D (Sometimes i just have to trust Sandwich20m that everything isn't about adult zones. nyahahahah. peace tayo tatang :peace: )


I installed the game PATAPON on my psp.. and..tell you.. this visually striking rhythm-based fighting game really rocks!!!

And what this game is all about?

I am the Mighty Patapon, the "God", and i must lead my Patapons into a battle, not with an armalite, sword, spear, guns, etc... but with a drum, to which i will pound on a beat, that will give directions to my Patapons. I must bring back our former glory, against the Zigatons, our nemesis.

This rhythm-based strategy game may sound so easy... but tell you.. it's not. The pounding on the console's controls determines the actions on the game. The aim is to lead the army to victory up to the shrine at the end by hammering out tribal chants through varied control combinations that command different moves for the Patapons : move, forward, attack, defend. 10 combos will put the patapons in a fever, to which when into a state of fever, will make them more powerful.

What makes this game so exciting is that miracles can be performed to make it rain so that the lava can be put up just in time for the Patapons to be able to cross hot deserts. The ability of the tree of life to give birth for troop build ups really amazes me, but just like other games, you have to trade in something for these eyeball-shaped creatures like the items that you have picked-up on a mission or the ka chings (money) that you have collected. (No show-me-the-money-cheat here..haha) There's also a kicker in the home menu, on the left side, a short-time with a little fella (nyahahah) who plays a trumpet to stop a tree’s head itching so he then gives you something else... BUT ..oh yes..there's a BUT... you have to offer gifts for this fella before he does his "thing" (even short time doesn't come free as well..hahahah). You also have to choose the troops and equip them with the correct armour, shield and weapons before deploying them out on a mission, and this entails a lot of strategy.

Just as what i have read in a review:
Patapon : "A funky visual vibe mashed up with a unique, rhythm based control scheme equals a bona fide hit for the PSP"

And it really hit me.

My mind just can't get over that Juju thing. Even in my pre-occupied hours, my mind keeps on drumming to the beat of those one-eyed tribal warriors.


And must i say i am not alone in this fever. Most of my symbianize friends are into it also... with swarming patapon avatars and signatures and themes and chats in our forum. FEVER!!!!!



In tagalog, "PATAPON" means junk, worthless, low-quality, sub-standard, not chosen.... and uuhhmmm... others of that ilk. I really cannot find the words to define the tagalog term exactly... but it is usually coined as a negative one.

The birth of this new stomp-beat-forward-fight game has put the term PATAPON in a new dimension. By now, this means junk entry no more, Patapon has really captured the hearts of all ages.


And my oh my, i almost forgot my career in Need for Speed.