Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm doomed. I shouldn't have let myself get trapped in his attention.

I would really want to escape from this misery.

Was told to.....


But i just couldn't. No no no.


My mood is rapturous, the evening is young, all seemed right with the world. That's how it feels when we are connected. Sometimes, the quick banter between us gives way to a more stilted conversation, punctuated by longer pauses. Time really has an inevitable function.


Would i just let myself get drowned in this lollapalooza? Or I'd better put the kibosh on this matter?


Ye. Said he's there to make me happy. Virtually. Yeah. But what if i wouldn't be around in this virtual world till the cows come home?

It's been so great having him. Was i really moved. When he once kidded saying *****, he just didnt know how it felt. Yeah, my world momentarily stopped, everything went to a halt, & i knew the stars went into alignment. But that was only climactic. Because after the snap of a finger, things have to revert back to square one, in order to preserve a bond that is more important than the intertwining of two souls for a romance.

OOOpppppppssss... am i getting a bit sappy here?


Who needs love? :((