Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I spent my saturday night waiting for a buzz in my YM. Crazy as it may seem, but i did miss the heck of him. haha. My sister had always wanted to see me sleep earlier, and so does my kuya and some of my friends who knew my health condition. Well, to cut the blah blah, i received no IM from him. Haha. But i was able to doze off earlier than my usual sleeping hours.

I was awaken at 230am due the beeping of my mobile. Stream of messages are flowing in. Flooding! Thanks to the anti-spam feature of YM, the flood has been contained. My fingers are all set in autopilot reply, it was only the morning after that i realized that i had replied twice to two of the messages that were sent to me. Lucky you. Haha.


Congratulate me.

It was a very productive Sunday for me. I was able to wash and iron my clothes :D I haven't open the pc for almost the whole day. Once again.. i was able to doze off in a Sunday afternoon...notwithstanding the noise of the children playing in our neighbor.
I had a pretty nice sleep after 5 rounds of a need for speed underground race..which i never had the chance to win.nyahahah. (kuya..help me win just once race please.please.)


Ohh la la.