Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The early bird catching the early worm doesn't always get all the luck. Like I was earlier way than the usual to catch an early commute to Manila, and right when we were in the rush at the Slex, my boss sent a message to the team that we can opt not to work today for everyone's safety. Talk about love of work :))

Well, I was thinking about these:


All night long

It rained hard all night. Praying for everyone's safety.

God bless us all.
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Monday, August 6, 2012


Wow. It's been rainin' harder than the usual. Now on it's 3rd week :))

I seem to feel the rain like the job and responsibilities that has been passed on to me today. Overwhelming. Heavy-duty. Gazillions.

More of like a practice I guess. It's stressful but more of a challenge. At one point in my life I wish I am a super heroine, but not sooooo soon as this one :)) I'm still in shock as of the moment, maybe it will take me a week to get the hang of it. Tell me how do I go around the full-blast showers of change orders, billings, evaluations, inspections, schedules, design revisions, installations, minutes of meetings, presentations, reports of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and safety. Or how do I go around and muster enough courage and confidence to plunge in this bigger pond. First things first, I need a much needed rest to face tomorrow.

I think it's better for me to take advantage of the weather tonight and rest my weary heart and mind.

Cold night and all alone, the melancholy whispers a memory.

Goodnight happiness. 

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Sunday, August 5, 2012


Spent my Saturday and Sunday with my sisters :) It's a blessed weekend with them, along with my nephews, who have already stolen my heart the day they were born.

I think I have gotten over the dilemma of my central pumping unit. Quite possibly. I have been occupied with household duties that I no longer have the time to wallow in missing my happiness. That instead of going over and over why things seems to prick here and there, got myself busy weeding out the grasses in the backyard here and there. That instead of thinking how my life would have been different if I didn't do the things I did back then, I got myself into hoping that tomorrow would be entirely better because I will strive my very best for my happiness. Sometimes, busyness could put your life into a new perspective.

It's still raining, and the news says showers will continue till the end of the week,or even longer. I hope no one would be harmed, I'm praying for everyone's safety. Tomorrow is yet another challenge, with MEPFS on my shoulder at work, I ask the Lord almighty to give me enough strength and wisdom to overcome the challenges I am about to face.

May the Lord bless me and keep me.

Good night world.
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Friday, August 3, 2012

still raining

It's still raining.

I mean, it's frantically raining since last week. I just had the slightest peek of the sun in minutes, and then the heavens again wept. It's been muddy all over the place, civil works and site development had been put to intermittent halts that resulted to delays and lags in schedule. My trusty safety shoes which used to endure the test of strength in a metal forging environment wasn't able to withstand the force of nature, the searing heat of the great ball of fire and the copious weeping of the heavens. Quite the same, I've been feeling sh!++y for the last few days and i hell wish that this boredom shall eventually fade into oblivion. The curses of this solitude had bore a great weight on my shoulders, and if i am to act too slovenly i would eventually find myself stuck in that darkest corner again.

Unfortunately for me, i am still an awkward turtle wanting to pass this challenge of confidence. I am too slow and too feeble, too weak and too stupid, to overcome the howling banters of depression. It has been gnawing at my soul at the very slightest instance, like a memory of a celebrated relationship that easily went down the drain. Ignorance cannot always be tolerated, if not easily shooed away. There will always be times of remembering, and while you can always relish first the goodness in one's relationship, it will always draw you at the end to the pains and regrets of that treasured connection, the could-be and what-ifs, with all the perforations brought to your soul. It pays to be an ignorant sometimes, or try if I must, to save myself from the tremors of regression.
It's still raining.

And yes, no matter how i try to avoid those weather-induced sh!t$, it resurface in itself. Must be residing somehow as pent-up emotions waiting for the perfect opportunity to punch when the sun isn't around. I will have to endure the weather then, with all its delays, lags and inconveniences.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Forever still holds true

Visiting my yesterday. 
No one can ever bring me that smile and comfort.
Sometimes, i wish there's timelock button where i could linger for that timeframe longer than i could ever want.
The sweetest days of my life.
No goodbyes.

Forever still holds true.
I know.
I am.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It's one of those.
I need a cup of coffee.
Might make me stronger enough to face the truth.

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I'm bugged down by homegrown menaces that i find it harder to concentrate.



Toxic is this day. I'm coping up with the transitions, which happened at the speed of light. Now I'm working my ass off to get things done to the best that i could, without ever loosing my sanity. (I hope i won't, seriously)

Kaya ko to! Aja!

princess' fetish

princess' fetish.

new companion on the go.
take me to happiness.