Sunday, August 5, 2012


Spent my Saturday and Sunday with my sisters :) It's a blessed weekend with them, along with my nephews, who have already stolen my heart the day they were born.

I think I have gotten over the dilemma of my central pumping unit. Quite possibly. I have been occupied with household duties that I no longer have the time to wallow in missing my happiness. That instead of going over and over why things seems to prick here and there, got myself busy weeding out the grasses in the backyard here and there. That instead of thinking how my life would have been different if I didn't do the things I did back then, I got myself into hoping that tomorrow would be entirely better because I will strive my very best for my happiness. Sometimes, busyness could put your life into a new perspective.

It's still raining, and the news says showers will continue till the end of the week,or even longer. I hope no one would be harmed, I'm praying for everyone's safety. Tomorrow is yet another challenge, with MEPFS on my shoulder at work, I ask the Lord almighty to give me enough strength and wisdom to overcome the challenges I am about to face.

May the Lord bless me and keep me.

Good night world.
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