Friday, October 21, 2011


so i was doomed for almost eternity. frankly, i wasn't able to handle the heavy loads put upon my shoulders. i faltered.

the domestic problem that doomed my kingdom had stripped me off my confidence. Boogled, i didn't know where my self-worth had gone. I was scrambling onto places, looking for a place to hide my existence. i almost slashed my wrist, pulled the trigger of my maggy, and drank liters of cough syrups. it was so dark in my world, and all i could do to bail me out of the misery is to plead to the god of somnolence to usher me to sleep, but all to no avail. and so my energy was depleted.

darkness had pervaded my outer world as well. at work, it felt being dragged into the same misery over and over again, with the predator lamenting on his authority to treat me less of a person.

i was bullied. i was damned. i couldn't even fathom how the situation had taken over the princess in me. it was very difficult to see that ray of light that would blare out freedom from all of these. they have me imprisoned under their own powers, they casted spells upon me, they too locked me in the darkness. it was hell down here.

i wish i could don the cape that superheroes wear when saving the world. i even wished i could transform to the superheroine that i have always wanted to be. but unfortunately, i just can't for the moment. i am completely short of self-worth, energy and morale.