Friday, October 14, 2011

iPod iOS5

I was trying harder to put the life back to my ipod. I messed it up yesterday during an iOS5 update. I forgot to connect my pc to the web so the installation screwed up.

Tell you honestly, i almost didn't sleep. LOL!

Back home, i used the laptop of my friend and it went dead over and over a few restarts. I never gave up last night, for the life of my ipod! lol. And just when the laptop got tired of messing around with me, the internet connection went kaput. Talk about Murphy's Law!

Oh well, this morning, the still sleep-deprived me called on all the gods to bestow on me the gift of restoration, for crying out loud.. i need the life of my ipod back! After the step-by-step procedures and configurations along with the litany of prayers, (hail holy Steve Jobs, please help me nail your latest iOS update!) here i am, patiently waiting for the back-up of my apps to finish.

Two hours of waiting is tolerable for the ipod freak in me. Patience is a virtue.. patience is a virtue.. patience is a virtue.. so goes my mantra.

And now it's done. Oh wow. I'll tinker first with my ipod in it's fresh iOS5 update. TTYL.