Saturday, October 22, 2011


I'm half crazy.

I guess this is the effect of my prolonged sleep-deprival. It's been weeks, my body clock had been stuck from late night mind wanderings to late night angry birding. lol.

Well, really. I temporarily moved out a month ago to my sister's house to at least free myself from the raggedness of an internal conflict. This afternoon, i am coming back home, this time all alone, to live with the pushiness of the usual everyday life.

It's frustrating and challenging in equal measure, living all alone with goals not yet achieved. Sometimes i worry not having much with my so little time left. But then i have to play this game fairly, to the best that i could. Oftentimes i am prompted to surrender, but just when i thought i could walk out of the game, the Great Coach would holler a "time-out", allowing me to rest and energize, then get back with full vigor in the game.

Not much of my problems had been solved already, i am still here working out on the best possible solution.

Even if I'm half crazy.