Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Someday, i will be great

Disappointments come in very, very handy while you are so dead sure you won't ever wanna know its existence.

It is this rainy Tuesday morning when disappointment greeted me in its full vigor at the onset of this tedious labor hours. Hell yeah, i could have just played dead while my boss happily and continuously punctured the wounds he had inflicted on me, bullshitting me at its finest. Hell indeed, getting both my hands an eight-hole punch in our production press is way better than sitting here next to him.

The only way to get even is to work smarter. I should have flashed the GAMEOVER signal under the working harder card. I know the day will come when i would have the greatest opportunity to depart from the ranks of these vultures.

Someday, i will be great.

Mark my words. I WILL BE GREAT.

f*ck u boss. to hell with u.