Thursday, June 30, 2011

2011. Halfway done.

2011. Halfway done.

What have i done in the last six months?

I was reviewing my 2011 targets if at least life has made me accomplish something, and here are the findings:

1. Travel out of the country for leisure: I haven't been out of the country for leisure for the last six months and i do hope before the year ends, the Good Lord shall permit me to step on the land outside Pilipinas.

2. Beach Island getaway: I spent a tiring yet fulfilling day off to Corregidor, a very memorable and gorgeous Puerto Princesa (Palawan) tour with Honda Bay island hopping, a serene week off to Iloilo with Guimaras tour. And to note an incoming Boracay chill this August ^_^ This is over target for the year but i am very thankful that God has made me enjoy life and nature and relationships more deeply.

3. Mutual Funds/Stock Market Investments: I feel like a millionaire! Lol. I have a paltry share in the Philippine Stock Market but having less is better than none at all. My venture with the stockmarket opened a whole new different world and perspective, and has brought in me hope and confidence in the days to come. I remember the first time i received a 25-peso dividend from SMPH and rejoicing as if i received 25,000! Lol. The amount may be too small or even unnoticeable but hey, 24 more years and i'll be jacking up as a millionaire ^_^ My diversified portfolio has shares on Energy Dev't Corp, Ayala Land Inc, Jolibee Foods Corp, SM Prime Holdings, BPI and Metrobank.

4. Tagaytay Lot: Oh well, i am still not saying goodbye to the probability of owning a lot in Tagaytay, but for the mean time, i'll be focusing more on my new house in Cabuyao. Can't wait to finally move in :)

5. One Gadget: Pass. I still got 5months to save up for a new one. Lemme get back to you before the year ends.

6. New Friends: I met a lot of friends when i went to Iloilo, and i do hope to foster camaraderie with them in the days to come.

7. Books: Oh well, this spells LAG. I have read Bo Sanchez' My Maids invest in Stock Market, Cliffnote's Investing in the Stockmarket, and.. the rest is.. sleep. I hate myself for spending time watching a hell lot of movies that i haven't been able to read a lot of books. Six months for a catch-up, it's a must.

8. Car repaint: Pass. Budget alarm flickering.

9. Outstanding credit card balance: I'm a winner!

10. Move on with my job, apply and be successful: I am still at the forging plant, but i have pending interviews and applications to attend. Hopefully i'll be able to nail one.

11. Continue living a healthy and balance life: I'm doomed. I haven't been disciplined at all lately :'( I gained a lot of weight. But hell yeah, i will strive harder this time. (Say i need a bora body next month) *BIG EVIL GRIN*

12. Rekindle photography skills: I have covered events that has somehow made me rekindle the skills, but i know that isn't enough. More seminars, more practice.

13. Foodtrips: Winner!

14. Scrapbook: Failed :'( I need more time to clean my room. Lol. I need inspiration!

15. Marry (LOL J/K): *haze*

Well, the other half of 2011 is waiting for me. I know it has a lot in store for me, so let's get it on!