Friday, May 27, 2011


At some point in my life, I wish to be remembered straight from the heart. With the advent of modern technology, virtual insanity and others of that ilk, some hearts and memories seldom beat like they used to. Friends get too occupied with their lives, even heeding to the event reminders of social networking sites.

There's real and virtual world now. And people now live in both. Relationships thrive in both. The more we try to be extricated from the not-physically-existing, all the more we become entangled in it. Until we can no longer identify the difference between the two. Thus we feel the need to survive in both sides. Virtual existence had mired us in a system where real human relationships robbery is so endemic it is no longer seen as robbery at all. We become a part of it, it becomes a part of us.

When distinctions blur, humanity awakens to itself much easier.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my warmest gratitude, love, and appreciation to the all who have taken a step against the robbery of the human capacity to remember
my special day. Friends who have hearts that beat just the same when we first became entangled, memories that don't need to be pricked by facebook event reminders. Thanks so much for remembering me straight from your hearts. I am so grateful to have a special place in yours.

Mark and Ags for being the first to greet me on an early thursday morning, sir Jovi, Sir Edmund, Engr Jojo, Vagalance, Doc Joy, Cousin Goldie, Iyen. Thanks for the call Mareng Fannie, you really made it super special. Kuya Luis, Andlou, and Kuya Mike, although i have to remind you how special my day was :)) My family and officemates, thanks so much.

I would also like to appreciate those who remembered me after being pricked by my virtual existence :) Thanks so much for the greetings. I know we are all too occupied with so many things, thanks so much again.

Thanks again and i hope to blow more candles :)


Bill said...

Hello this is my first time here. I truly enjoyed your post it has a lot of heart in it. I like your site and will be coming back to read more. Have a great day.