Thursday, May 26, 2011

happy day

How i spent my day :)

I didn't mean to look like a student in a back-to-school camp writing an essay of how i spent my summer. lol. I just wish to remember the day, who knows, it might be my last birthday celebration.

I didn't get to prepare a lot of stuffs back home because it was also my uncle's birthday. Turning 50, i knew he would be the one to bring the house down with his crew. A day before, my office mates stormed our house, cooked tuna spaghetti to which i have brought to work the big day itself. It was such a delicious concoction by joan, partnered with my sister's bread, and a tuna spread perfected by Manang's Gong. A feast in the canteen was held during the morning break, a thanksgiving eating ceremony, and it felt good that i was able to share the blessings that God has always been showering me. At lunch we feasted on a mango bravo by Contis.

I was damned by my boss right before i went home, and i felt so regretful that i reported to work. Deym. I was so frustrated.

I went straight to Don Bosco church after work to offer my thanksgiving for the past three decades. Alone inside the church, i was taken to my life's retrospection. Indeed, having a good memory is the best possession.A box of cream puffs from Contis capped off my solitary moment before i went home.

Back home, small pieces of my daily puzzle snapped into place.

It was indeed a happy day.