Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Here's for my 2011

Last year, my friend Jojit and I started exchanging targets, goals, and dreams for the new year. We list the things that swing between the specific and not that specific, issues and things that range from just anything under the sun that we want to acquire, achieve, accomplish.

We made a funny but grand list last year and so we thought of doing the same again, sharing to each other just in case an external help would be required in order for us to succeed with our items. lol.

Here's for my 2011:

> 1 travel out of the country for leisure
> minute vacations to at least 2 beaches / island getaway
> mutual funds/stock market investments
> tagaytay lot
> 1 gadget
> new friends at least 12 in a year
> read books at least 12 in a year
> car repaint
> goodbye outstanding credit card balance
> move on with my job, apply and be successful
> continue living a healthy and balance life
> rekindle photography skills
> more foodtrips
> scrapbook!
> marry. LOL . JOKE LANG =)) [asa pa me, nangangarap lang. 'to naman di na mabiro. hahaha]

These were the things that just popped out of my mind the moment i was replying to his email.

This 2011, I'd like to enrich my life with more moments that would take my breath away, as I thank God for this life extension. For someone whose everyday companion is a malady of a sort, heaven knows no beauty than a life extended. Oh God, please do not diffuse the ticking time bomb in my body, I'd like to still have a lot more life with a lot more years :)

The world is filled with dream crushers and idea killers, nevertheless... DREAM! - John Maxwell