Thursday, January 27, 2011


Looking back, i sum up all those almost million coins i spent in exchange for my existence today. It was last year when i came up with the hardest and fiercest decision ever to be made for the last 2 decades as i cup the one thing i would love to hold in my hand, my very own life. Fear and pain were at the forefront of my emotions, of grave sinister delights as i abandon those pills that propelled me to the present.

I know the pains and regrets of those days had been heaped up, as they were acknowledged and placed to where memories are safely and dearly kept.

And i am now here. Breathing. Alive.

I know i wouldn't last longer as expected to every human alive, but at least i would love to do what an ordinary one ought to. The craft of my life is lifted with the incoming tide, as i sway and get myself carried by the river of time into whatever the future may bring.