Monday, August 23, 2010

Ok. Where do i start?

Ok. Where do i start? :D


I've been soooooooooooooooooooo busy. I used to blog daily but now i don't know where my time has gone the past few days that i haven't been around. Maybe it was my very own ordeal with the chasm between what have i done to prolong my existence, how are things going on inside me, and what would happen to me in a month or year.

I often desire to know how readily have i let go of things. I often wonder how i was able to handle the gaping divide between what i want in my life and what i have right now. No one who is born into this world and lives long enough is spared from the biggest contradictions, nor of stark reality of how things run in this real world.

All right. Gibberish this is again.


I have been religiously advocating my no-processed-no-preservatives diet and i am doing quite very very well. *clap clap clap* I haven't missed the pork and beef meat, nor the coffee, nor the junks that i used to stuff in my stomach. It's rewarding yet agonizing because i always have to prepare my very own food in order to be assured that it is in natural composition. I am what i eat, and kudos for the bitterness in me who just cannot eat what a normal human could. LOLS.


Ok. SO i received a laptop bag from Mareng fannie for the photocoverage of his Dad's 60th birthday. Does this mean i need to buy a laptop? Last Christmas, i received a laptop sleeve from VPMI. Premonitions? ROFL.


I so want that Anne Klein crystal skeleton watch. Deym. Clamouring for more OT OT OT!


RTD on Wednesday with Doc Joy. So, i need to change profession again for a night. Mark your calendars, come Wednesday, i will be transformed from being an engineer to a doctor. NOM NOM NOM.


The princess misses the superhero big time.