Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A dear friend of mine had me yesterday for a night of crepes and ukelele. He just wanted an icebreaker for a turgid run of chores, i wanted a breath of fresh air from a stale room (i was working for 11 hours! for crying out loud! hahaha) A cup of Froyo maybe for the chill, but i was quite slow to realize that yoghurt is one of the processed foods included in my what-not-to-eat list. Poor lois.

We rolled on the road quite late and drove up to Tagaytay. Found ourselves in the Cliffhouse under Cafe Breton's roof. I kinda had difficulty choosing what to fill my tummy, good thing i had a tumbler of fresh milk with me. I settled for the plain crepe (no butter!) and greens (loviedubie lettuce, tomato, onions!). I wish i could splurge on my favorite La Pinay, but it's still a long long way to go before i could finally settle for the foods outside my what-not-to-eat-list. It's the disciplined lois on the spotlight ^_^ Way to go!

After a hearty meal, (must say really hearty, it's one of the meals i devoutly wished for! nom nom nom!), mac still wanted to add chills to the cold Tagaytay breeze. Say complementing the sorroundings, he got his 2 scoops of raspberry burst gellato, while i had to consume my fresh milk. Heaven has no beauty than a melody oozing from Mac's Ukelele strum in between spoonfuls of ice cream. He sang and strum beautifully under the dark canvass of stars.

Mac has always been a very dear friend to me. He inspires me all the time, with his motivational views in life drawn from his experiences. I am always fascinated by his stories of inspirations, last night being the Ukelele as the one setting him free from the cares of the world.

Thank God for my wonderful friends.

and Thank you for this one crepelele (crepe and ukelele) night.