Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's the 19th.

I comfort myself into feeling something that is felt within, that he's here inside the central pumping unit of my body, feeling his heart close to mine, closer in spirit, closest in prayers.

I haven't blogged sensibly lately. I am much clogged by extreme emotions that just perforate the core of my soul, i decide to disperse it in silence.

Today is another blessed day. After my struggle to live a normal life, i realized i just couldn't. I will always be bounded by a set of rules in my own world. Four days and i am religiously following the natural diet (no preservatives and no processed food, no pork and beef meat, all natural). Four days and i am struggling to find peace in my soul, convincing myself that my remaining days are to be well spent. Four hopeful days that there will be one morning in my life when i will be free from this malady. Four happy days of no caffeine and soda, four healthy days of havin' a much needed rest and sleep.

Congratulations lois. Keep it up.

I would like to thank my auntie for cooking for me this evening. God knows how much i appreciate the deed, i never, would have wanted to be burden again that is why i am doing all of this sacrifice. I really appreciate havin' prepared a special food for me, and i feel loved and cared in an instant. God is good, in time, He will heal us both. His will be done.

I apologize to my sister for being in a situation such as this. I really do. I do not want to die early, even earlier, i still would love to spend more time with you, but it is God's will should i succumb to this suffering. Let us just pray that i will make it, and i will be needing all your prayers.

The moon is so lovely tonight. In four more hours, a superhero will see the same beautiful moon, and he will be reminded of his princess. She misses you so much.