Monday, January 25, 2010


Another week starter and i hope i will be way better than the last few weeks. The more i think of getting back to my usual self, the more it gets harder.

I haven't filled up the scrapbook for a week because i just can't bear the brunt of getting myself whipped with painful worries and aches. I've been too much troubled for a month, reflected by the sudden pall of depression that is seeping through my very veins. It gets harder each day, and coping is the most difficult part of the matter. I've never been this worried in my entire life. Only now. Just only now.

A plethora of unanswerable is running through my head. Each moment of waiting feels like eternity. I sometimes see myself nearly transforming to the desperate version of me, wanting to speed up space and time to see infinite moments of comfort and security. Where everything is sublime, everything has an aura. Euphoria that is. But when?



Pierce me with too much longing.