Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I would have instantly died of nervous breakdown this afternoon. It has been a very rough day, after knowing what my uncle has done that irked me the most, among the many misfortunes I have stumbled upon. I am crazy, because I do not know how to cushion the blow. It would have been better had I exploded into bits and pieces beyond recognition. Might have made my soul at peace with the numbness of the pain that has been perforating my heart. Insanity is an ally.

While my sister was asking me this,"Are we dumb to suffer like this?" I was all the while condemning myself to an eternity of torment. The thing that hurt me the most is the realization that at some point in time, people will fail you big time, loveones will transform to epic fail modern-day hero, and un-met expectations are bound to frustrate you. Things will go way out of whack no matter how you try to patch things up. Such a distress for the damsel in me.

I do not know how to pacify the anger that is brewing in full blast, but I do hope that the god of somnolence will usher me to dreamland. I am so full of stress and pain that render me sleepless in a lonely night like this.

Crazy me, stupid me.

Good morning.
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