Thursday, February 16, 2012


The night was absolutely great indeed after talking to my Kuya Melvin. I really missed him a lot and even though millions of seconds had passed between us, that great same feeling remains for someone whom i have loved so dearly. I remember the times we spent together, the banters and chuckles we exchanged, his wacky and out-of-this world guidance for my stupid lovelife, his silly and demeaning encouragements (lol!), the blessings he shared with me, the strikes he threw at the pins, the yucky novelty songs he'd sing while driving, the flowers he'd gave to me, the seriousness of the talks we had, the in-the-wee-hours of the night birthday call, the chocolates, packages, the monickers he'd call me, the surprises! I am very blessed to have a friend like him i will treasure him for the rest of my life.


I love you my Kuya. If you can read this, send me dozens of boxes of yummy Snickers. Hahaha!