Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Side A

My dear sweetie is having his tantrums. Everything has been messed up: carb, electrical, compressor. I still need to replace the two rear wheels. And push a repaint too! It's just the beginning of the year but the budget for my car's maintenance for the whole year has been slowly trickling down.

I was torn between a house and lot and a brand new car last year but after sorting things out, i decided to settle in the residential property. I have no qualms about choosing the house and lot, and i am very excited to the day that i can move in. But a part of me still hungers for a stress-free road companion, the one that i could drive with more ease, comfort and peace of mind.

I wish i have the luxury to choose both. But i know in time, God will bless me not only with those two things i devoutly wish for, He will bless me with more love and comfort, and i have always been very very much excited to receive His truckloads of good showers.

It's a good morning despite of all the problems. God bless us always.