Monday, January 23, 2012


I had just survived another attack to my immune system the past few weeks when my body almost surrendered to the battle of the immunity. Of course, I need to win, I need to survive, and I haven’t fully experienced the life that I so very wanted. But I have to accept the fact that dealing with a sickness alone is the most difficult thing in my world, when I couldn't even stand to get myself a glass of water, or cook a meal for my debilitated body, or even buy medicines for me to swallow. I couldn't even drive myself to the hospital. I could die in an instant and have no one beside me. Oh poor princess. LOL.

I am thankful that my sisters took their time off from their busy sched to take care of me for a day. Thankful that I got friends who are doctors, for checking out on me on my way to recovery. Admittedly, physical and emotional stress has exhausted me that much.

I had just finished a cycle of medications to which I am truly regretful because I had been very weak in dealing with stress and depression. Someday and sometime it would be different, in God's due place and time.

Lord, help me.