Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Cant sleep. The god of somnolence must be hiding somewhere. Oh please come to me. I need some effin sleep for tomorrow's job and a night of laughter with my dearest friends.

It's during these moments when things sink deeper into my soul. How i wish i could turn back time, and learn not to fall over and over again, because it still hurts when snaps of yesterday quickly flash in my memory. Must be because i give too much, only to realize and feel one day that everything and all went down the drain.

I miss those idle moments that get buzzed by the one who holds my heart so dearly. I missed being teased, wooed, and chased by two-legged creatures, masqueraded as heroes of my heart.


Antok lang to. Gudnyt ebriwan. Tomorrow is another struggle, another challenge, another blessing.