Friday, December 9, 2011

good good life

It's a weekender, I am starting to loose the screws in my head as my brain starts to shrink like raisin. The rain had eased into a mist, but more than the discomfort of being soaked in the pouring rain this morning, it feels like God's gesture of mutual blessings. The surrounding is a bit cooler despite the tension and pressures abound, the clinching of fists and uprose middle finger hidden in each pockets.


Acting with gritty determination to make acceptable how this day would go, i made sure that the pulse in my blood is in tune with the beat of my heart.


I don't like looking back at how I ended my plight yesterday, my day made even toxic by the insensitivity (or the lack thereof) of the human race. Unscrambled mess and all there is, the music in my mind pulsating through the minute area of my soul.


This is gonna be a good life. Good, good life.