Monday, September 19, 2011


Another weekstarter.

I dread the Monday mornings that I have to report to work. It's not that the workload is too unbearable for me, it's the feeling of pain, frustrations and disappointments that wimp me on the edge of death, rubbing salt on the wounds my former bosses had inflicted on me.

I never would want to end my service here in defense of tell tale signs of their evil intents. After being subjected in a larger scale of character demolition getting exaggerated as it spread around in a hurry, I may appear cynical on the outside but inside, I am innately hopeful. Hopeful that each of us may find time to stop in our own tracks and find ourselves in awe of truth as it resurface. I still believe that the truth shall prevail no matter how anchored they were in their own selfish beliefs.

I am hopeful that in the face of this bullying neighbor, God will bestow on me the gift of forgiveness.