Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yesterday had been a painful one, a physical struggle of comfort. I had a painful thigh, to which i suspect must be due to the muscle stress i have incurred right after i took swimming last weekend during sunset. The pain had been synchronized upward to my head, it felt really damn heavy and it was as if my head would explode.

"I am bound to endure pain." I say to myself.

Twelve hours of labor with painful thigh and aching head is such an exhausting task. To kill the receptors of pain so i could no longer feel the interruptions in my system is as easy as swallowing a pill, but the unfortunate me isn't allowed to take any.

Murphy's law had me on my way home when i was stuck in traffic. Frankly, i didn't know how the hell i got home safely, i was battling with my sanity as i feed on the pounding inside my head.

I slept the night away with the continued suffering in my thigh and head. While praying for comfort for the next day, i ask God to take away not only the physical pain i was bearing, but also the emotional wounds i am still trying to heal.