Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am holding a pity party.

My frustrations are right now in the fore.

It's too frustrating to belong to an organization that lacks the drive for more improvement. To have a superior that doesn't even act like one, lacks management skills to push the group into higher grounds. I just do not know how to get over this thing. I am so doomed i just want to go home and get an even more relaxed sleep. My head aches, pounding the hell in my now addled brain.

I do not know where to find my sanity, i must have lost it somewhere. While i am physically present laboring harder at the forging plant, my mind travels somewhere to find comfort, peace and serenity.. but all to no avail.

I wish to unclutter my mind.

I hope the coming days off from work would somehow help me regain my sanity.

Because I am as dead as a dodo.