Monday, December 13, 2010


It's been a hectic weekend for me as events converge on a second weekend of the last month of the year. I am more than thankful for being blessed with this life extension, able enough to experience joys as well as fatigue for actively participating into different occasions as life's markers.

>Car wash
>Breads pick-up
>Bread delivery to Niel's bday party
>Bread delivery/ Jackie's Birthday Party to Children's Joy Foundation
>Home to pick-up things for tonight's xmas party
>Back to Niel's birthday celebration
>Engineering Department Christmas party

>Baby Bullet's Christening
>Chillax at Nuvali Sbux with Minnette, Honey and Tisha

Off to dreamland at 8pm.

I got so tired of driving almost the whole day of Saturday while being stuck in traffic.

But on a happier note, i am always grateful for God's blessings in the form of two-legged creatures carrying their biggest hearts in their entities. (Are these called FRIENDS? :)) )

Hectic 3rd week is now on its way as i need to see Jona, Annie and Mitch for an early Christmas dinner later after work. Tomorrow is Yna's birthday so i need to work twice as fast tomorrow so we could go out at three. Saturday's the big day for our dearest Sheim, but morning i still need to bring the breads and used clothes to be donated in a gift-giving ceremony my friend Erica had organized.

The Super Heroine me is trying to get some rest in between ^_^