Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I was as apologetic as I could be as I handed my toll card and my fifty-peso bill for a two-peso toll fee at the SLEX.

"Kuya pasensya na ha, wala kase talaga ako barya."

The teller smiled to me, and handed me back my fifty-peso bill along with my receipt.

"Ma'am ok lang po, ako na lang po ang bahala."

I immediately grope for the pockets in my bag and pants hoping to find twin coins but to no avail.

"Ma'am ok lang po, ako na po ang bahala dito, ingat po sa pagddrive." The teller added, as the bar in front of my vehicle was raised.

Before i had to rightfully apologize again and thank the teller, I blinked twice, and even thrice, just to make sure that the teller is indeed human. I also had to pinch my arms just to reassure myself that i am still in my physical self. After which i had to shift the gears of my car and my mind, thinking....

In a cultural climate where anger and rage are in fashion, it is very flattering to be reminded that the human race still remains capable of small kindness.