Monday, October 11, 2010

blessed salted egg

I was craving for salted egg since Saturday and it was indeed funny that all our attempts to have one on the table had been put to waste. Sunday came and still, no luck with it. How is it possible that the universe conspired to hoard all the salted eggs in Nueva Ecija? :))

I kept asking God for salted eggs, "Lord please give me one. Kahit isa lang po, please. I so want it." It's because my taste bud's a little off, been sick since Saturday and i am having a lot of trouble eating food that isn't salty enough. What comes in indeed must comes out, even if it means coming out to where it came in. I couldn't take vomiting anymore please.

Oh well, God always answers clearly, but not always quickly. God surprised me this morning when i saw that highly sought salted egg beaming with flaming red hues flirtatiously lying on our canteen's food shelf.

This calls for extreme yumminess for God's blessings. May bonus pang tomatoes 8->

Thanks be to God.