Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My friend recently got his second tattoo. Admittedly, i was mesmerized by his body art: his bold form of self-expression and innovative fashion statement. I love the way the inks are artistically patterned deep into the dermis, such a sweet form of torture to be endured from pricking day one up to healing. hahaha.

Such is not the first time i came across a friend who has gone beyond the curious marriage of pleasure and pain. My Itay Fred got his arms tattooed. Dalobee stamped his shoulder also. Jessie even has it in her back. I've seen a lot of men and women enjoying this visual form of expression. It has become pervasive over time. And would i want to join the club? Hahaha. You bet. If only i would be allowed.

Society has a way of perceiving body modifications depending on the current thinking of the period. Some would have deliberate connotations that persons with tattoo are usually involved in
criminal offenses, drug addictions, assaulted behavior, and other negativities. Such range of motivations have come across the hullabaloos of different social groups.

As they often say, the theories of the past are the comedy of the present. The whole gamut of body modifications has evolved through time and unlimited discussions, from being a deviance to a bold representation of one's own uniqueness, the eagerness to be linked up with a tangible symbol beyond this mundane daily life.

Well. I really want to get a tattoo...

.. that which wouldn't only seat deep in my dermis, but in my heart and soul as well.

.. that which could celebrate my uniqueness

.. that which could wear my dreams and make the magic works

What kind of tattoo am i getting?