Wednesday, April 24, 2013

enchanting morning

There's so much about life that i don't understand. Most of the times, the simplest things are the most difficult to comprehend. Foremost, the difficult things are those that seep through the bottom and prick where the flesh is fresh and exposed.

To counter the feeling of confusion and uneasiness, i just enjoy every single moment that flicks in the theater of my life. No matter how hard it is to comprehend, it's the feeling of having something to comprehend that delights me the most. Life is not life if there's no mystery involved.

The greatest mystery is that there's not enough room to contain His love for us despite of all the life's hardest questions that we pose to Him. Despite of all the hardships and challenges that we face, we still wake up to beautiful mornings and that alone is the greatest of all the greatest mysteries to name.

It's indeed an enchanting morning.