Monday, April 30, 2012

my afternoon stroll at Paseo de Sta.Rosa

I went to Paseo de Sta. Rosa this afternoon to have my passport picture printed at the nearest Kodak Center. I was quite indeed in a hurry to reach home at 4 in the afternoon, so that I would be able to bring my forms to the testing office just in time before 5.

I can't remember the last time I've been to Paseo de Sta.Rosa, it must have been months since i took a stroll, or had a hearty meal with friends, though most of the times i passed in this commercial center on my way to Nuvali or Tagaytay. There has been a lot of construction and extension going on in Paseo de Sta. Rosa, maybe in a few year's time, the area would be a boom. Of course, it has to keep up with the current and fast improvement that has been going on at the rival site Nuvali. Nuvali has flourished to be a good provider of leisure, dining and shopping, and Paseo de Sta. Rosa has to beat that, being a player for the longest years. Paseo de Sta. Rosa started out as a country market which serves the neighbors who were lazy enough to go downtown, and where Wet and dry goods were at hand. It used to be the center of appetite from all walks of life, from to fancy restaurants to everyday feast held at the market side, from trike drivers to factory workers to businessmen and women, from shorts and sando to polo jackets and coat and ties. Through the years, it has gone through a lot of transformation, developments and expansion.
 old paseo se sta.rosa

And since i haven't been in this area for quite marijuana years, i was a bit shocked yesterday to find some shops already closed. Maybe for a change i guess. To transfer to a better location, to cater to more consumers, i just do not know. All i know is that i saw empty spaces of used-to-be familiar stores and hollow area of used-to-be-familiar stuffs, including the Kodak Printing Center.

This goes to say my plans were put kaput.

I resolved to just push through with my plans on Wednesday, reschedule the submission of requirements and just stroll around the area to see more of dead businesses. lol.

I happen to pass by on a dress shop on the other parallel side of closed Kodak Center. I scanned their items to check if something would be of interest to me. The saleslady was sweet, I had a nice conversation with her.(Read: Salestalk)  I asked about the closure of the shops and she said that the Kodak was closed months ago. She also narrated that most people would ask them where it was relocated, but they wouldn't know. After fitting an item, i paid for it and went out. I then remembered a printing shop down at Paseo de Sta. Rosa 3, and headed to the direction. I was groping for my phone inside the bag, but i couldn't find it. I went inside the ladies room and scanned by bag, but still couldn't find my phone. Using my other phone, i dialed the number and heard it rang, but i can't find the thing around. I rushed back to the shop where i got a purchase and told the lady if i could check the fitting room for my missing mobile. The owner immediately let me in, but i found none. He asked me to continue calling the missing phone, in hopes that the person who found it would be kind enough to return it back. He called the guard and asked to call him back should someone surrender a phone in the lost and found office. He was very kind to assist me. Having a gut feeling that i could have left my phone in my car, i rushed back to check and.. yes.. my bb was there. (crappy me)

So there goes my afternoon stroll at Paseo de Sta.Rosa. It was quite an afternoon, thought I lost my phone… again. And the pictures? I'll just have it printed later at SM.