Monday, November 7, 2011


Men around me are working double-time to pull me down. Kondo was caught by my office mate snooping on my work through his cellphone camera, zooming in my desktop as much as possible to pry on what i am doing. He immediately hid his cellphone upon realizing he was seen with his deed. I wasn't suspecting him to be on the darkest side when the demolition job surfaced to the fore. I didn't even had any inkling that he would dip his hands in it. But alas, here it is.

What brings them to do this? What have i done to deserve this? I am just a lady engineer working hard as a man in this male dominated metal forging company. I have come to accept that no matter how hard i work, they will always opt me out for promotion, just because of their gender-biased beliefs. I had none the muck of any repulsion, instead, i worked thrice as hard to elevate my simple desires into poignant, quixotic and quite impossible dreams. Does seeing an employee working hard as a carabao all for the sake of the company irk them the most they felt the need to plot out a demolition job to see the person plummet to rock bottom? I do not know how expanse the hell had migrated into their idle minds to even dispel the stench of their adult-greediness. I used to be their own pet, but i never needed them to goad me to be results-driven and goal-oriented. All came as second nature to me. So if they do want their new pets to be noticed, they must kick their ass and plead them to work more than thrice as hard as i did.

But just how much of my destruction do they still need to be satiated? They have already stripped me off so many things, they have relieved me from various positions i have held. Talk about the grimmest things one does to kill a reputation, to steal self-worth and to destroy a soul. I stand indicted before such a sight, and feel even more heart-stricken.

My detractors have gotten so frustrated they needed to act beyond their professional ethics in order to destroy the only thing left on me: the trust from other bosses and fellow workmates that i have earned in my entire years of service. By dint of pluck and luck, hustling and bravado, and strengthened relationships i have forged with my co-workers, i believe that i will be able to overcome the hell that they have caused.

Hell Yeah. I will.