Monday, August 15, 2011

Airphilexpress Modus Operandi

You have been warned.

We were very unfortunate to have experienced a ruined vacation plan due to the poor service of Airphilexpress. We all understand that our booked flight is on promo but that doesn't give them the right to treat the passengers as a bouncing ball that they could just throw to any flight schedule at their own convenience.

We booked a Manila-Caticlan flight last June and we just got notified that our flight has been diverted to Kalibo via text message sent at 3 in the morning. Come on, we're human beings that sleep in these holy hours, not robots that auto-wake up in a sudden notification. A call was received at 5 in the morning informing the changes, and you could just imagine how furious we were considering we planned this vacation and based all our itinerary on the booked flight schedule. Amidst our demands to provide us a just and fair arrangement due to their inconsistencies, they failed to settle the discrepancies with them leaving us no better options but to storm earlier in their head office at the airport and beat the shit while pounding the hell to them.
The war started as we the hungry birds lash out the hell to these wicked airphil pigs. After absorbing our litany of indictment, Airphil has settled the matter by transferring our flight to Philippine Airlines, but with the same Manila-Kalibo flight, providing us shuttle service from Kalibo to Caticlan, and informing the offices of various travel agencies and hotels of our delayed arrival. Left with no better choices, we were transferred from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2 for PAL Settlement.

And there we were. 3 hours of supposed fun wasted to compensate for Airphil express' lack of risk management.

We made clear during our departure in Manila that our flight back home will not be scammed. We were assured that there won't be any changes.

Which surprised us the most during our departure from Caticlan. Bold letters indicating our Manila flight has been diverted to Kalibo. Right then and there, no advance information, straight in our faces. Must be a better decision to just ruin our lives during departure, and give us the luxury of enjoyment during our vacation.


This is what airphils is all about. The queue hasn't been moving at all, because they have to entertain every single complain from every passenger which got surprisingly diverted. We were even more furious, must have consumed the energy replenishment that we saved during our vacation. And to pour it all out to the staff that must have come from the moon, cannot even give any single information as to what has been happening. Apologetic, yes. But they were doomed in their every cell being in the front line for this company who doesn't realize what trust is all about, who doesn't respect their passengers, who doesn't ever understand what time management is, and whose concept of customer satisfaction is being left out in their corporate planning.

Reasons were not really reasonable. Maybe even illogical. Said a sunset restriction is being implemented in Caticlan, but how in the hell could they schedule a flight at 430pm and pre-conceived it to arrived late so as to be bound by this restriction. They cannot even give an information from the Manila head office if a flight would still be possible after all the inconveniences they have caused the passengers. It's an added bonus for them that most of their passengers are Koreans who couldn't communicate well in English, they will just nod and agree after informing them that their flights were diverted to Kalibo and they will provide a shuttle for them to bring them at that airport.

But to us, pinoys, to hell with you airphils, we aren't fool enough to fall in your modus operandi of compressing the flights to save a lump sum of moolah. What this company is doing is to fool the passengers that a specific Manila-Caticlan vice versa flight schedule exist and then they will compress all passengers to fill their Kalibo flights, hence, cancelling flights in Caticlan raking more moolah for profits.

Oh well, after waging world war II in their Caticlan office, we have finally won the battle and they were forced to have another flight to Manila with an hour delay as compared to our booked schedule.

This is our first and last booking with Airphils express.

Then again, you have been warned.


arnee said...

grabe naman yun! sayang ang oras na nawala.. parang kame din nung nag bora... zest air naman.. delayed flight kame.. buti nal ang ung pauwi un.. and they informed us ahead of time.. mga 3 days befor.. pero nung day of our departure sa kalibo airport.. ayun delayed pa ren ng 2hours..