Wednesday, July 6, 2011

canned thoughts

My head aches since yesterday. Afraid to inflict damage to my filtering machine, i hesitated taking any pill to block the receptors.

Now i am doomed.

It is pounding the hell in my sphere.

Poor princess. Tsk. tsk.


My maggy is back, with remaining 3 double action babies to throw.

Now i am afraid of myself.

Very afraid.


I need a shock absorber, in its literal context of being a device for absorbing jolts and vibrations. My car had been a mess, i have been too lax in its maintenance due to financial constraints. Of course, i would if i have, if only. Add to that the strain of having to go through all the check-ups, repairs and maintenance alone. My solitary life :) lol. Now i think i also need a shock absorber to cushion the blows in me. Poor me. Poor lois.


Car registration, i need to get it done before the month ends. Sigh.


My car is burning the oil too. Me and my car both need an overhaul. Bring it on!


Now where do i get a mountain of moolah to get all of these done?

Oh God, bless me.


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