Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cheers to my very brave superhero!

It's been a week.

Haven't been around lately. Too occupied i must say, with the exhalations of the minds and the titillation of the heart. Uhhmmm. Yeah.

I am sitting here in my desk wandering back into the corridors of my memory, recalling the breeze that carried the fragrant smell of passion, the one that breathed life into my soul.

I lost count of how many times i have tried to soar to the heavens on leaden wings. I have yearned for the gaping spaces of my soul to be filled, longed for the dawn of hope as i face the truth of my world.

And i was caught in the snares of the superhero's warm affection.


Two things: stupidity and bravery.

Is he stupid enough to walk with me as i continue to battle at the scourge afflicting my body?

Or is he brave enough to soar to the heavens with me, reveling at the marvelous, facing the truth of my world, as Hector came up against Achilles amid certainty of being killed, finding hope in despondency, wrenching triumph from defeat?


He is compelled by a force more elemental than love itself, moving heaven and earth to pull me up to my true heights. And no matter what imbroglio i am in right now, it is his strong character and valiant support i would be very glad to have in these times of adversity.

Frankly, i do not know where I'd be right now had i not gone through this watershed.

Cheers to my very brave superhero!