Thursday, April 2, 2009


The weight and restrictions of love has dawned into me last night upon seeing my comments deleted in a profile. I was as if being put to the unlisted category, isolated from the eyes of his connections. I looked at myself with the unfamiliarity or the strange familiarity of half-forgotten perceptions and sensations. But in as much as i want to drag my sorrow into every breath that i am taking, i couldn't allow myself to get sucked into the monotony of depressing thoughts.

I fully understood why this has to happen. There can be strength in solitude. There are good points. There can be contentment in finding myself away from those prying eyes. I couldn't stand indicted before such a sight, and feel even more remorseful.

The rain poured harder and the temperature continued to drop. I began to grope for the blanket that i have strewn earlier in the bed, then wrapped myself into it. I unhurriedly wiped the tears that have rolled down my cheeks, then told myself, "Tomorrow, the rain will stop and the sun will shine even brighter."

I allowed all my sorrows to glide listlessly off my shoulders as i slid gently to dreamland.