Thursday, October 4, 2007


'What is the essence of a woman?' This was a question posed to the beautiful 18-year-old lady in an international beauty pageant. She answered, 'Just being a woman is God's gift. The origin of a child is a mother, a woman. She shows a man what sharing, caring and loving is all about. That is the essence of a woman.'

The world hailed not only the physical beauty this lady possesses, but the richness of thoughts and wellspring of ideas with high regards to women.

Women have played a role in the transformation of culture, history and politics as leaders, writers, scientists, educators, politicians, artists, historians, and informed citizens. The world is supercharged with women lifting up the society. Gone were the days when women are confined in the four corners of a cell. Now adays, women are in charged of the same basic activities exuding machismo. These bold and new ideas are now being put into practice. Not much of a whimsical aspiration, but of tangible truth.

Grasping the accounts of women's talents, successes, and accomplishments broaden a sense of what is possible for girls who eventually progress into women. Details about women and their successes gives males and females alike a view that dares to dispute some of our cultures' most unconscious and old-fashioned assumptions about women. These includes assumptions that women are only women enough behind a man, that all their actions are highly dependent on the man of their lives, whether a father, a brother, or a husband. But the reality is that of better existence for women. That a woman can take charge of their bodies, minds, lives, careers, finances and families in a way never before seen. A world of choices lay at their doors. Choices that did not always include men. Decisions that were career-oriented and goal driven. And being a woman is all about choices, the power and freedom never before obtained, embraced in mind, body and spirit.Thus, women's history becomes a story of inspiration, promise, possibility, purpose, and hope.

Women have always been the nurturing, giving, kind beings and that has been perceived as a weakness for millennia. The coming of the New Millenium has awakened a power within women today. Women are recognizing what they are, the real essence of their selves. Women are speaking out and living their own lives., may be within a family, a relationship, a job, a corporate environment or any other lifestyle imaginable. One thing, however, is becoming very clear - women have strength, imaginations, and a spirituality that gives them the teeth and power to change their lives and to live as their own person. It is this mystical spirituality that gives women the ‘teeth’ to grab the quarry (whatever it may be) and protect the love and passion in their lives. It adds to the whole woman and becomes the part of her essence which is missing in so many.

The essence of a woman is her femaleness itself. What truly sets women apart from men is not merely the accomplishments or abilities, but the very gender itself. The ability to grow, incubate, nurture and bring forth life. What can be more important and powerful than that?

The definition of woman, is a giver of life first, and then anything else she wants to be. Women hold a very important and awesome job in the eternal scheme of things. More important than any demands society as whole may put upon their shoulders. Their true power doesn't lie in the boardrooms of a company, nor in their endeavors as modern women. It lies within their selves. It lies in the very structure of their gender. There is no such thing as being just a mother. Motherhood is the whole thing. Everything else they do in their lives will pale in comparison. The one true career, the one perfect goal, is to bring forth life, and bring it up. That is their main purpose. And it is the one thing that makes them the most proud about being a woman.

Let us celebrate the innumerable ways in which the remarkable spirit, courage, and strength of women have added to the vitality, richness, and diversity of the world. The charm, the beauty, and the sheer essence of a woman are untouchable. What a beautiful thing.


these are collective ideas from various posts in response to my dear kuya's request for a speech about women :)